Bush Vindicated in Iran

The freedom fighters in Iran are an early dividend Bush’s politically costly strategy in Iraq. 

While the American media dismissed Reagan as a simpleton and his strategy as dangerously provocative, he knew that the basic human desire for freedom could not be supressed.  He was able to see beyond the prevailing wisdom of his time to perceive that the Soviet Empire was not a permanent reality.  His support for the freedom fighters in Poland would be critical.  Poland was the domino that toppled the Warsaw Pact and launched an era of freedom for the formerly captive nations.

After September 11, President Bush tried a similar approach.  One free Arab democracy in the Middle East would be the domino that breaks the power of the mullahs and launches an era of freedom.

Unfortunately, the strategy depends upon steady American leadership.  When Russia invaded Georgia in the summer of 2008, McCain stated that, “Our united purpose should be to persuade the Russian government to cease its attacks, withdraw its troops, and enter into negotiations with Georgia. We must remind Russia’s leaders that the benefits they enjoy from being part of the civilized world require their respect for the values, stability and peace of that world.”

Obama said, “I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict.  Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint, and to avoid escalation to a full scale war.”  We should have realized then that Obama is a man who establishes a moral equivalency between right and wrong, good and evil.

In the meantime, there are freedom fighters throughout the Islamic world today that look to America for the same leadership Ronald Reagan provided throughout the eighties.  Unfortunately for them, the man who presently occupies the White House is far more like Jimmy Cater than Ronald Reagan.


Bad Night for the GOP

Senator Lindsay Graham gave a weak and stuttering speech defending John McCain’s judgement regarding the war.  The speech was verbally challenged and focused on an issue that is not polling high:  Iraq.

If we thought that was bad, Tom Ridge came forward with an even worse speech.  It’s amazing that he was even vetted for the vice-presidency.  He managed to string together a variety of cliches behind a dreadful visage. 

Even more amazing, country club Republicans have been looking to him as a runningmate since 2000!

Perhaps the GOP did not want the nominee to follow a tough act.

Liberal Media Savages Palin

The New York imes made some interesting observations regarding the selection of a woman for Vice-President:


“Where is it written that only senators are qualified to become President?… Where is it written that governors and mayors, like Dianne Feinstein of San Francisco, are too local, too provincial?… Presidential candidates have always chosen their running mates for reasons of practical demography, not idealized democracy…. What a splendid system, we say to ourselves, that takes little-known men, tests them in high office and permits them to grow into statesmen…. Why shouldn’t a little-known woman have the same opportunity to grow?… [T]he indispensable credential for a Woman Who [sic] is the same as for a Man Who [sic] – one who helps the ticket.”


Lest you should think that the New York Times is defending Governor Palin, the editorial was actually written in defense of three term congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro, the vice-presidential nominee of the Democratic party in 1984.


I wonder what the liberal media would have said if Governor Tim Keane of Virginia was nominated to run with Obama this year.

Nancy Pelosi: A Confused Catholic

“I would say that as an ardent, practicing Catholic, this is an issue that I have studied for a long time. And what I know is, over the centuries, the doctors of the Church have not been able to make that definition,” Nancy Pelosi told Tom Brokaw.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception.” It also says, “Since the first century the Church has affirmed the moral evil of every procured abortion. This teaching has not changed and remains unchangeable.”

Evidently, Senator Joe Biden shares Speaker Pelosi’s confusion on the abortion issue, if the response of the National Abortion Rights Action League is any measure. 

“Sen. Biden has consistently expressed support for a woman’s right to choose. While we have not agreed with him on every vote, we have a longstanding relationship with Sen. Biden that is open, positive, and constructive, and we are confident this will continue in a new administration under Sen. Obama’s pro-choice leadership,” NARAL President Nancy Keenan said in a statement.

Add that to Senator Obama’s confusion on the Born Alive Protection Act and you have one confused ticket.

Biden: More Good News for John McCain

Pressed on his lack of experience in foreign affairs, Senator Obama was forced to choose an “elder statesman” in a move reminiscent of the 1988 campaign where lightweight Mike Dukakis tapped Lloyd Benston.

Interestingly, the McCain camp has already released an ad depicting Biden at a Democratic debate indicating that Obama is not ready to lead, perfectly dovetailing the theme of the McCain campaign.

Obama also thought he might gain some traction among Catholic voters, an area where Obama trails significantly.  Choosing a pro-abortion Catholic is hardly going to help him here.  In fact, as events unfold, Biden will probably come under significant criticism from Catholic organizations and even some bishops.

Instead of picking a running mate who could be President, Obama picked a running mate designed to make up for his deficiencies.  At the end of the day, Obama has only highlighted his deficiencies while adding Biden’s problems to his own.

Watch the Clintons!

Isn’t it so very convenient that there will be a roll-call vote in Denver?  Some 823 super-delegates will have to actually vote and they are not bound to vote for any particular candidate.

At the moment, Obama has about 2,230 delegates and he needs 2118 to win, giving him just 112 more delegates than he needs to clinch the nomination.  His lead is even stronger among super-delegates (463-257).

The purpose of the super-delegates is to allow for flexibility in case the primary voters make an error.  In other words, if a damaging scandal were to break before the convention, the super-delegates could save the party by switching to Hillary at the last moment.

Only 113 super delegates would need to be convinced that Obama can’t win against John McCain and Hillary could become the nominee of the party.

This could get interesting.

Presidential Snapshot

Developments during this relatively quiet news week once again favor McCain.

McCain’s strong suit is national security and the crisis in Georgia is a stark reminder that the world is a dangerous place and that America requires strong leadership.  Senator Lieberman’s strong statements on Obama’s inept response in contrast to McCain’s response underscore the point.

Continued frustration over gas prices and Obama’s claim that inflating tires is the equivalent of domestic drilling further highlight’s Obama’s incompetence on the energy issue.  Offhore drilling is estimated to be worth 86 billion barrels in proven reserves.  Saudi Arabia has 125 billion barrels and no one is suggesting that they could inflate their tires.

Two significant books are helping to get the word out on a host of other issues that are equally lethal to Obama.  The Case Against Barack Obama by David Freddoso and JeromeCorsi’s Obamination will hit hard as people come to see that this man is a genuine radical.

Historically, this election has many precedents.  Michael Dukakis led George Bush by 17 points in August of 1988;  his election was all but certain.  That was until people began to tune in and recognize just who was going to collect the mail at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Then Bush swamped Dukakis in the general election.  Twenty years later, Obama is far more radical than Dukakis and holds just a two point lead in the daily tracking poll.

Finally, there is the Clinton factor.  Hillary has already reserved the domain for her 2012 campaign website and she does not intend to run against a President Obama.  Anyone who thinks the Clintons will help Obama has not taken the Clinton 101 course.  Those who have taken the more advanced courses know that the Clintons will make certain that Obama is not elected in 2008.

Once again, my prediction is a strong showing for John McCain.

Al Franken

Rumor has it that if Al Franken loses his bid for theMinnesota Senate seat that he will lobby for the role of the Joker in the next Batman movie.

An Early Prediction

John McCain will win the Presidential election and by a larger margin than most imagine today. 

Consider the following:

  • The more people learn about Obama, the more concered they are about electing him.
  • John McCain is polling better than him in certain important categories, such as national security.
  • Obama is garnering less than 80% of Democratic voters.
  • If Israel attacks Iran, it will bring national security to the center stage.
  • A certain perception of arrogance and elitism on the part of Obama are beginning to emerge.
  • McCain’s team is starting to attack Obama.

Of course at this point, neither man has selected a running mate.